Airline loyalty program

Just plane awesome.

For two years I was on-site with this airline client. Mainly I worked on their travel rewards program for small to medium-sized businesses. My tasks included gathering requirements, designing, and setting up user research.

From collaborating with other teams and departments, I was also able to advise on their travel app, personal rewards program, and in-flight software.

Here is a case study of a customer (and business) problem:

“I can’t create an account!

It says the ABN is already in use.”

— 50% of customers trying to sign up

We spotted this problem while looking at sign up form errors in Google Analytics and Hotjar. Half of the people using the form were getting the same error. The site tells them they’ve entered a duplicate Australian Business Number (ABN).

From speaking to customers in interviews and the call center, we know how this happens. Oftentimes the initial person who sets up the account either works in a different department, left the company, or forgot about it altogether.

When this happens, the customer service team makes a lot of phone calls to give access to the right people. It was clear that a digital solution can help customers and lower call center volumes at the same time.

Tracking time spent on form fields with Hotjar

Tracking errors with Google Analytics

Competitor Analysis

I began by collecting some common flows of when users ask for access. I documented all types of errors and email notifications so we can use design patterns people are already familiar with. This report was then presented back to key stakeholders from various departments.

User flows for all different scenarios

I love intricate user flows. There are different statuses for the business account as well as individual users. We also had to be conscious to respect the new privacy laws.

Understanding and mapping out each scenario is one of my favourite things to do, I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge.

Wireframes help to communicate the user experience


I presented interactive wireframes along with the user flows to developers, product owners, business analysts, and other designers. It helped the team understand the end-to-end experience and were great reference points for discussion.

User research

Every asset – the copy on the registration form, the email links, the dashboard designs – were all tested in user research sessions. We talked to customers in lab settings, at their workplace, as well as in the premium airport lounges.

The research findings were then played back to the core team. This helped everyone to understand the rationale behind each design decision.

What I learned

My work is so much more valuable when I’m able to speak with customers and able to collect data of their behaviour. Working with so many teams and stakeholders also helped me to appreciate the value of providing regular updates and sharing results.

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