Personal banking app

A mobile app for an international bank.

Working on a team with a senior and junior UX designer, I was responsible for creating usability testing guides, researching design patterns, and producing annotated wireframes.

Natural language discovery

The task was to look into alternative methods of payment, one of which was through text/voice entry with intelligent autofill.

This is a document created to identify a variety of possible input from users as an example of the complexity involved in building vocabulary libraries.

For a company that needs to release features in 40+ languages, it was an interesting option to consider but was beyond the scope of the brief. I would love to see companies development features like these now that there are chatbot resources like IBM Watson ūüôā

Researching new features

I created presentations on a variety of topics based on emerging design patterns in mobile applications. The findings were used in features development, accessibility reviews and as solutions for issues found in usability testing sessions.

Annotated wireframes

I created wireframes exploring features found in Notification Settings, including an alternative option to manage notifications for other platforms through the mobile app.

Outsourced usability testing

The client had an established relationship with an international usability testing consultancy. Every week, I worked with the mobile team to compile designs, outline user tasks, and create questions for research sessions.

What I learned

Working on this project helped build a foundation of knowledge of working in FinTech and strengthened my communication skills through working in agile. I was very thankful to have usability testing available on a weekly basis.

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