Notes from Writers of Silicon Valley Podcast: Ben Barone-Nugent

I think there’s about 10 or 11 of us [UX/content team at Netflix SF] now .

This is surprising – how small the team is!

What I’ve observed over time is the value in having a very clearly articulated hypothesis that underpins a test that you want to do.

Be clear on your hypothesis, be clear how it fits in to business goals.

You don’t have the freedom of a keyboard and a mouse and you don’t have a touch screen like you do on a smart phone, you have a TV control with basically… And we can rely on you having maybe a back button, an enter key in four directions.

It’s interesting how few controls people have when using VOD on TV.

It is just more about really frank discussions. And often people, those discussions will conclude with somebody saying, “I didn’t agree with you but I agree that we should test it.”

A sign of a good work environment: civil discussions, respect, and decision-making based on results.

The podcast can be found at Writers of Silicon Valley.

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